2018 Survivor-Camp

The 2018 Survivor-Camp saw 12 teams of Scouts participate in the biggest Survivor-Camp yet!

The camp kicked off with a special video message from Jericho, the winner of Australian Survivor in 2017. He chose the winning number for this years camp.

Over the 5 days of camp, Scouts participated in obstacle courses, puzzles, food eating and cooking challenges, endurance challenges, scavenger hunts, quizzes and much more!

Each time they won a challenge, one of 35 keys was chosen, one of which would open a large treasure chest full of prizes, at the end of the camp.

There were a number of special guests who visited the camp including Aimee from Australian Survivor 2018 who talked about her life and experiences on Survivor.

AK and Mark from Australian Survivor 2018 also helped present the Best Competitor awards at the final presentation, to Megan and Mitch.

At the end of the camp, teams took turns to try their keys, one at a time and see if they opened the treasure chest.

In the end it was the White Team from 3rd Ringwood East, who only won one key during the camp, who held the winning key, number #31.

Congratulations to all the scouts who took part in the 2018 Survivor-Camp! There were more challenges and more keys up for grabs, than ever before. All scouts did an awesome effort and should be proud of all their achievements!