2016 Survivor-Camp

The 2016 Survivor-Camp took place in the September school holidays.

10 patrols of scouts participated in a range of activities including puzzles, quizzes, cooking, fire lighting, construction, obstacle courses, endurance challenges, food eating, treasure hunts, and many more.

The challenges were designed to test their teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving skills.

Many of the challenges were copied from the TV show SURVIVOR. The camp’s organiser James has worked on 4 seasons of the US version of the show.

Teams collected keys throughout the camp. One of which would open a large treasure chest full of prizes at the end of the camp.

Teams tried their keys one at a time, to see if they would open the chest.

Keys were narrowed down until there was only 3 left.

It was then revealed that Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor had selected the winning number and written it on a piece of parchment from Tribal Council.

James then revealed the piece of paper and the winning number of 21.

The burgundy team from Warrandyte were the 2016 winners of Survivor-Camp.

Alex and Charlotte were also awarded Best Competitor prizes for their efforts during the camp.