Since 2001, Scouts from all over Victoria have been participating in Survivor-Camps. The 5 day/4 night camps are based off the TV Show SURVIVOR and include a range of physical, mental and endurance type challenges.

The camp is run by James Atkinson, who has worked on both the US and Australian Survivor TV Shows. Currently James is a Challenge Producer on Australian Survivor.

In teams of 6 or 7, scouts compete in a range of challenges including Obstacle Courses, Puzzles, Canoeing, Archery, Quizzes, Food Eating, Sports, Memory, many of which put their scouting skills to the test.

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Famous Friends

Each year there is one key that opens the treasure chest at the end of the camp. Some famous Survivor winners and hosts have chosen the winning key and recorded a special message to the scouts attending that years camp.

See US Survivor host Jeff Probst’s special video message below

See Australian Survivor winner Jericho’s video message below

See US Survivor winner Adam Klein’s video message below

Next Camp

In 2021, the 20th Survivor-Camp will be held in the June school holidays.

This will be the biggest camp yet, celebrating 20 years and 20 Survivor-Camps!

For more information please contact James via survivorcamp@hotmail.com


The Camp director is James Atkinson.

The best way to contact him is via survivorcamp@hotmail.com

James isn’t always in Australia, there’s a good chance he is overseas now working as a Challenge Producer on the next season of Australian Survivor!